There are many scalp micropigmentation (SMP) aftercare methods available on the worldwide web. One must look out for the accuracy of all these advices, however. The challenge with SMP is that most men who have finished with the procedure are clueless on its aftercare. This article was written in the hope of guiding you to make the correct choices in maintaining your scalp after the procedure.

Fading can be addressed through the following:

To begin, it must be said that the rate of fading may only be decreased though never completely halted. It is a normal occurrence. This guide only hopes to provide information on how to delay it as much as possible.

Make sure that your head is shaved at the beginning of the first session because:

  • There may be pre-existing scars you may want to conceal after the procedure.
  • It is a chance to moisturize if you have dryness of skin.
  • You may want to regain your natural color if the skin of your scalp is different from the rest of your body.
  • Your skin should always be moisturized days before this procedure. It is important apply a moisturizer of your choice every six to eight hours to ensure that the practitioner has a smooth scalp to operate with.

The SMP procedure, also known as Dermatography, might make you feel a bit uncomfortable though it is not expected to be painful. You may want to decide on which pain reliever to use before the treatment.

You should observe your hairline before your first visit. Try to use a makeup pencil to determine how you would like your hairline to appear. Take pictures of these markings. This will help the practitioner deliver on the outcome that your require, providing they have had proper scalp micropigmentation training of course..

At the end of each treatment:

Resist the temptation to tamper with your scalp after each treatment. It has left a series of small open wounds due to the needle marks. Let your scalp heal. It will take a couple of days or so. There is a bit of pigment loss once they form into scabs. This should not be thought of as fading even if some patients do.

  • Wash your head on the third day after the procedure.
  • Any activity that will make you sweat should be avoided.
  • Water can be used on the fourth day and nothing else except moisturizer in preparation for the next treatment.
  • Any mild cleanser for the face can be applied to the scalp after a week.
  • Steer clear of extended exposure to the sun, intense activities and skin scrubbing treatments for at least thirty days after the last procedure. You may resume normal activities after this period.

Aftercare for SMP:

Remember to engage in normal day to day activities and avoid thinking excessively about the SMP procedure.

These are the guidelines:

  • Protect your scalp from the sun everyday to conserve the pigmentation.
  • Avoid sunbeds as it greatly affects your health.
  • Cosmetics and like products have huge alcohol content which should also be avoided.
  • Use an exfoliating cleanser regularly during the week.
  • Most importantly, keep your scalp moisturized.